If the maximum monthly repayment amount is clear after the credit rate calculation, the bank can calculate the maximum loan amount based on the repayment term. How much credit you receive on whatever income also depends on the repayment term. The bank can use these again to calculate the credit limit. Customers can expect a benchmark pension, that is, interest and repayment, of six percent, “says Rex. This, of course, tends to depend on the particular bank; It is quite possible that one bank will grant a higher loan than another.

How much credit do I have?

How much credit do I have?

When buying a home without own funds, it is of course crucial to know how much “budget” is available. This is due to the credit institutions, which only grant you a certain amount of credit. Aside from deciding which interest rate is right, it is also crucial to have an appropriate loan amount. Of course, this is usually dependent on the appropriate house bank; It is quite possible that one house bank will award a higher loan than another.

Assuming reputable credit institutions and not a loan sharks, the loan amount is usually similarly high. Who plans to buy a home without own funds, certainly has little savings. The lenders also consider already acquired properties or other property, plant and equipment as a guarantee. You have to put your card on the table and ask the bank.

Especially with large loans, as they are required for the financing of real estate, banks demand a good monthly income. In this way, credit institutions ensure that the borrower can repay the loan. To earn a good income, the Christmas and holiday money should be included in the annual salary. The credit rating is also an essential means of determining the loan amount and above all to assess whether the buyer is a suitable borrower.

Of course, of course, credit institutions are interested in what your capital is there.

Of course, of course, credit institutions are interested in what your capital is there.

Unlike a vehicle that is constantly losing importance, credit institutions have a tangible counterpart in financing a home or apartment. It is particularly difficult to obtain loans for travel and holidays. Similar to the salary level, job security is an important decision criterion for answering the questions “How much credit do I get?

Government employees who have little risk of losing their jobs are very fond of receiving a loan, and the amount is also increased compared to other non-staff. These are some of the key decision-making criteria for lending. In addition, there are bank-internal requirements, which have led to each individual house bank spending a different loan amount.

For the realization of a home purchase without own funds one should inform oneself, with how much capital one can plan. Internet banks usually grant you a higher loan amount in addition to a lower interest rate. But for many people, the relevance to people is important, so that ultimately they speak out for the trust bank.

It is highly recommended to carefully study the contracts and to pay attention to any “check marks”. How much credit can I spend? The loan must be repaid including the monthly installment. Those who have set the installment amount too low need more time to repay the loan, those who overstate the installment amount are in default.

What are the returns and expenses to determine the amount of installments still available at the end of the month following salary payment? It is important to think far-sightedly and to consider the costs for the coming years. If you want to buy a home without own funds, you should also be aware of tax and other tax issues, because the tax rates can be easily read in the appropriate community.

With such a permanent loan repayment one should not let up in any case. How much credit I receive is also dependent on how much the borrower is willing and able to repay each month.