If you’ve ever imagined what it’s like to start a business, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s almost impossible to start any project without funding. When it comes to financing, then of course we mean credit. One of the most common types of lending today is short-term loans . Because of its simplicity and its range of benefits, short-term loans to citizens in kuna are increasingly in demand in our financial market. As the name implies, short-term loans are a type of lending that offers citizens the ability to repay up to 12 monthly installments of borrowed money.

Credit has become a daily routine in many citizens’ lives, whether it is young people, retirees, businesses or crafts. There are a number of those who live with more than one credit on their backs trying to survive month after month. Unlike long-term loans, short-term loans are much easier and faster to obtain, and thus the repayment period of up to 12 months gives you the opportunity to repay it in just one year.

Borrow money now!

Borrow money now!

The mere thought of credit creates discomfort and a feeling of cramping. Driven by the bad experiences and stories of other citizens, people today often make the wrong decisions and moves that will later cost them dearly.

Avoiding a bank and proven partners that can help them is a difficult situation to get out of. It is understandable that you need to meet certain criteria and conditions for each type of loan, but what about when you are unfit for credit?

The short term loans at Good Finance are just for you


Short term loans are quick loans! Why short-term loans to households in kuna at Good Finance Bank are good is due to the fact that they are granted to even creditworthy individuals. Being creditworthy and not hard knowing that even the smallest of things add up to your credit rating.

Whether or not you are guilty of it, in case you do not have the credit of another bank, you will not be able to help. Small monthly income, a job that is not permanent but open credit, illicit minus… these are all reasons why you will be rejected, but not with us! We at Good Finance Bank hold on to our customers without rejecting them so easily.

How citizens can apply for short-term credit

How citizens can apply for short-term credit

You can submit a credit request through the form and credit calculator found on our site in just a few steps. In order to speed up and simplify the whole process, we have minimized the conditions and documentation required to approve the loan.

We all know and are aware of what credit brings us, but sometimes it is simply impossible to live without credit. If you pay your monthly installment on time, you will be able to count on our financial assistance in the future if needed.

Our loans are secure and verified

Whoever is raising the loan we believe he wants to do it in the safest possible way. Good Finance Bank’s pages are fully verified and secure. As part of the Good Finance Group, which operates in the EU and worldwide, we are able to provide you with a maximum of discreet service that is contracted for the purpose of operating for mutual satisfaction.

Short-term loans up to 12 installments


Most loans today are in euros, but we offer our clients loans in kuna. With a transparent view of all costs, every customer can see and calculate their monthly installment even before contacting us. Without the hiding and the small letters clearly on our site you can see the cost of a short-term loan.

Living in two chairs is almost impossible, the limit that can shake your financial stability is very thin. Even the smallest expense that came up suddenly is almost certain how it will affect your monthly budget. For this reason, it is important to know how you can rely on whether an unforeseen expense occurs.