Ghisèle is going to buy out her son with a home loan at Hardy Boys. She wants to become a full owner. That way she can generate extra income. In this article you can read how she approaches this. Co-ownership arises after death.

After the death of her husband, Albert, Ghisèle becomes the owner of her home with her son. Ghisèle is already partially full owner. She has usufruct for the other half. Her son is a bare owner.

If she wants to get full ownership of the entire property, she has to buy out her son.

Buy out son to become full owner

Buy out son to become full owner

If Ghisèle wants to become the sole owner, she will have to buy out her son. Only in this way does she become a full owner and does not have to take anyone else into account.

Ghisèle therefore wants to buy out her son and will normally have to pay a buyout to her son. In her case the situation was different.

There is still an existing home loan for which it pays 1,159 dollars per month.

She agrees with her son that she will only take over the mortgage loan and that no buy-out sum must be paid afterwards.

Her son agrees and Ghisèle is refinancing herself through a home loan with Hardy Boys.

Why does Ghisèle want to buy out her son?


Ghisèle wants to buy out her son to create extra income. She is going to rent out her house. This ensures rental income. Extra income that provides extra financial breathing space.

She herself goes to live with her son.

3 benefits for Ghisèle

Ghisèle has an existing mortgage loan of 187,000 dollars over 20 years. She pays 1,159 dollars per month for this. She pays for this herself, but is only partially full owner.

Due to the refinancing of her mortgage loan, she needs a new home loan of 160,000 dollars. She is again asking for a duration of 20 years. Her new monthly charge will be 880 dollars.

3 benefits:

  1. It only becomes the owner of the full ownership
  2. She pays 278 dollars less per month for her new home loan
  3. She creates new income

Home loan via Good Finance

Home loan via Good Finance

Ghisèle received its new home loan through the Good Finance product.

Good Finance has the following properties:

  • Duration up to 30 years possible
  • When refinancing an existing mortgage loan, an extension of the term is possible
  • 3 interesting formulas

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