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Credit Tips on Debt Debt Recovery

Credit Tips on Debt Debt Recovery

Do you want to give up your well-known credit? To make sure that the rescheduling offers you the greatest economic benefit, we have compiled a number of tips for you. Remortgage is usually not totally free for you. Because usually calculate the credit institutions for a fee.

However, there are legal provisions that give you as a borrower certain collateral. If you took out your old loan after 11.06.2010, the maximum repayment fee (prepayment penalty) is limited to 1 percentage point of the remaining claim. If your loan should only run for a maximum of one year at the time of repayment, your institution may only charge a maximum of 0.5 percentage points of the remaining loan amount.

When considering whether rescheduling really pays off, you should think about any fees. With our credit calculator, you receive binding information about the possibilities of lending. Then you need to find out what prices your lender will charge you in case of loan repayment. For the best possible rescheduling, it is necessary to compare many offers.

A reconciliation of multiple credit terms does not have to be cumbersome for you. Use our Umtörnrechner. When concluding your old loan, you may have so-called residual debt insurance (RSV) or residual credit insurance (RKV) included. Depending on the scope of cover we protect you in case of possible death, disability or unemployment during the term. When repaying your loan, make sure that you also liquidate your related residual debt insurance.

This is because at least part of the premium you pay when you take out the loan is repaid to you. Therefore, you should also try to obtain any existing residual debt insurance in the course of a rescheduling. For your residual debt insurance, you have a statutory right of termination when repaying your loan. Your bank can not refuse to cancel your residual debt insurance in this case.

E-Money travel guide: Top 3 tips for credit restructuring


As a result, credit institutions are now in a position to grant particularly advantageous loans. Many consumers and entrepreneurs now have the right moment to replace one or more existing, more expensive loans with a new, cheaper interest-bearing loan and thereby reduce costs. But how does the debt restructuring work and when does it pay off?

On Germany’s largest online credit marketplace E-Money, the financial market experts have prepared the essential information and tips on this topic.

The procedure is relatively straightforward: first, the borrower applies for a new loan transaction, the amount of which corresponds to the residual debt of existing loans, eg a costly overdraft facility. If the new loan offer is approved, the existing loans will be replaced by the amount of the new loan, taking into account the deadline.

If you decide to restructure your loan, you should consider the following aspects: The comparison is trump: First, the borrower should compare the offers of several credit institutions. The online credit comparison as on gives a quick insight into the conditions of the various providers.

If a consumer terminates a loan early on


He says it only until the day of full amortization. The lender may charge a fee for the loss of interest, the so-called prepayment penalty. This depends on the remaining amount of the loan to be repaid (repayment plus interest) at the time and at the time of the prepayment date.

For contracts already concluded, an overview of the loan agreement and the general terms and conditions provides information. “It makes sense to reschedule a debt if the new loan is cheaper than one or more existing loans, taking into account all the charges,” explains Artopé. In addition to the effective interest rate and any processing fees included for the new loan, special attention should be given to the early repayment fee for the early repayment of old loans.

Whether rescheduling pays off in detail, the credit experts of Good Finance can calculate on demand by phone. The telephone hotline and the consultation can be accessed free of charge for potential creditors, and rescheduling can lead to regular savings of up to USD 1000. In a leaflet, Good Finance has summarized a detailed calculation example and further information on the topic of debt restructuring: Good Finance is Germany’s first credit marketplace, where all credit-interested people can receive online loans on the best terms from a large number of credit offers.